Kirkus withdraws starred review after criticism.

Source: Kirkus withdraws starred review after criticism.

Another instance of popular action ended in a retraction: this time not an article but a book review. When I read the review, it had already been changed so I looked for it in the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive but it isn’t there, so all I can see is the edited review.

I did however, find a reply from the author of the book, Laura Moriarty, who quotes from the review:

“I was encouraged last week when Kirkus Reviews gave American Heart a starred review (starred as in ‘this is great!’ not one star like the mad people on Goodreads), calling it a “moving portrait of an American girl discovering her society in crisis, desperate to show a disillusioned immigrant the true spirit of America.” The Kirkus reviewer, an observant Muslim and a woman of color, called the book “sensible, thought-provoking, and touching . . and so rich that a few coincidences of plot are easily forgiven.” (Okay, okay, fine, I’ll take it.)”

I cannot find these quotes in the revised review, so these sections were apparently edited out. Apparently, these are some of the parts that made people angry.

But I can only assume. To understand the anger behind these instances, the originals must be retained somewhere–otherwise no one can understand what provoked the original anger and make their own decisions.

UPDATE: According to a private email, the author of the book, Laura Moriarty, has kept a copy of the review on her own website.

Thanks for the info! And people can decide for themselves whether the original review needed revision.