Re: [RDA-L] Collective RDA and PCC wisdom sought

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On 22/02/2017 02:22, Adam L. Schiff wrote:

I was asked today how to transcribe this title according to RDA:



The two possibilities are, of course:

245 14  The convivio of Dante Alighieri.


245 14  The convivio / $c of Dante Alighieri.

RDA doesn’t seem to give a definitive instruction on what to do in a situation like this.

To me, it seems inescapable that Dante Alighieri is a statement of responsibility. I don’t think the genitive is a valid argument. In that case (in English) it would be
“Dante Alighieri’s The Convivio”
which is clear that the title would be the entire string, but you would still make an added title for “Convivio”. The argument for the genitive is of course more complicated in other languages than English, where word order is less important.