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On 6/7/2016 2:58 PM, Heidrun Wiesenmüller wrote:

We had a discussion about actors in movies who are named with a “dans” before of the title. Should their names be regarded as part of the title according to RDA or is this rather a case for introductory words etc., according to

In the example we discussed, the title screens looked like this (a line marks a new screen):

Film par Film et Cinéa
Daniel Auteuil
Emmanuelle Béart
André Dussollier
Un coeur en hiver


Looking at it that way, the title should be the entire sentence: “Film par Film et Cinéa présentent Daniel Auteuil, Emmanuelle Béart…” etc.

In the Archival Moving Image Materials:  A Cataloging Manual 2nd ed. (available at http://www.itsmarc.com/crs/mergedprojects/archmov/archmov/1b._title_proper.htm and in the Internet Archive) we read:

“If the title on the work or secondary sources includes a statement of responsibility or the name of the distributor, a cast member, author, scenarist, etc., do not use it as part of the title proper, unless research indicates that the title does indeed include the possessive.  In case of doubt, do not include the possessive statement of responsibility as part of the title proper.  In most cases, the statement of responsibility or name was not intended to be part of the original release title.
245 00 $a Victor Victoria.
245 00 $a Blake Edwards’ Victor Victoria.
(Title on film.)
245 00 $a Fellini’s Casanova.
(Research indicates that the possessive form of proper name is part of the original release title.)”

In most of the places where I worked, there was a locally-enforced rule: do NOT do research unless you can really justify the need for it. In the above case, I could argue that “Victor Victoria” is a fairly unique title but “Casanova” is not. Still, I would be fairly nervous having to justify to my supervisor the time spent researching this, when I could simply rely on my professional judgement. And in my judgement, seeing a title in a multiple display with “Film par Film et Cinéa présentent…” or “Daniel Auteuil, Emmanuelle Béart….” can only confuse the user who wants to understand what film this is.

Therefore, “245 03 Un coeur en hiver”. With 246s if I want.