Posting to Bibframe

On 5/31/2016 5:45 PM, joergprante wrote:

Data wrapped in verbose statements, with fillers like “v.” or “pt.”, is not suitable for entities being linked and queried on the web. So, there should no properties in Bibframe that contain pre-formatted information, like the “statements” in MARC.

I would rather prefer an enhanced knowledge representation like this:

<journal1> a fabio:Journal;
prism:publicationName “International archives of photogrammetry and remote sensing”@en,
“Internationales Archiv der Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung”@de ;
prism:issn “0256-1840”;
prism:volume “30”;
prism:part “3” .

Of course, this is a very simple example. Anybody who has done serials knows that the various ways of enumeration can be stunningly complex. It isn’t all “volumes” that consist of “parts” that consist of “issues” and so on. Everything would be much easier if that were so. The individual piece may say “part” without any volume, or it may be a season (the Winter 2010 issue that is actually published in 2012) or a non-western month. I won’t go into all of the different possibilities but here is a page from Princeton’s Cataloging Documentation that lists some of them:

(I remember a defunct publication with the name of “Russian Literature Triquarterly)

The way the enumeration is entered into records can also be complex. Methods vary. I have worked in some places that actually force everything into a system of “volume, part, issue,…” so that something that says on the piece e.g. “Tomo 2, Parte 3, Fascicolo 4” is entered as “vol. 2, pt. 3, iss. 4”. Other places have followed what it says on the piece, sometimes abbreviating and ending the abbreviation with a period-comma-space before going on to the next level of enumeration (T. 2, Pt. 3, Fasc. 4). Others may spell everything out and separate everything only with spaces (Tomo 2 Parte 3 Fascicolo 4). Or they may put everything into a single string, ignoring all text, and put in only the numbers separated by a colon (2:3:4). Non-numerical parts, such as Summer issue or June issue are converted to numbers (Summer is 2, June is 6). Those are the ways I have seen that I can remember off the top of my head, but I am sure it does not exhaust the possibilities in any way at all.

What is pretty constant however, are levels: Top level, 2nd level, 3rd level, and so on. The top level may be labeled “Volume” or “Part” or “Book” or “Year” or whatever, and the levels below can have all kinds of names as well. So it might be an idea to change “Volume” to something like “1st level” and the others “2nd level, 3rd level…” because otherwise, there may be something with “Book 2, Part 1, Volume 3”.

Also, it might be good to consider the experience of other initiatives such as OpenURL. I don’t know its current state but found this It seems as if DOI has overwhelmed OpenURL but the experience may be relevant.