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On 11/9/2015 8:03 AM, Fatima Albazzal wrote:
James, Alexandretta and Iskenderun are the same city. It is the capital of Hatay province in Turkey, nowadays. Please look at the following links which explains the history of that area:
http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/2005/01/is-the-hatayalexandretta-problem-solved  http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Alexandretta.aspx.

Can i use the term (Alexandretta) as a geographic qualifier despite that it is a variant name for Iskenderun (Turkey) in LCSH?

Yes, Iskenderun is the latest name of that area. Alexandretta is an earlier name. According to cataloging rules, 1 concept = 1 heading. The 1 concept here is a “geographic area”. Therefore, the geographic area gets 1 heading. What should be the name of that geographic area?

According to the rules for subjects, all subject access to geographic areas goes through the latest name of a geographic area. Geographic areas are different from jurisdictions. Geographic areas can be “Atlantic Ocean” or “Asia” or “Moon”. These are geographic areas and not jurisdictions because e.g. there is no government of the Atlantic Ocean or government of the Moon.

Jurisdictions are legal entities. Some geographic areas can also be jurisdictions: countries, cities and so on are both geographic areas and jurisdictions. Jurisdictions are corporate bodies. When we relate this to Iskendrun/Alexandretta, the rules are:

For subjects, you always use either
651 Iskenderun (Turkey)
650 $zTurkey$zIskendrun

and you can never use Alexandretta.

When it comes to the jurisdiction, i.e. the name as a corporate body when you use 110/710/610 (normally the laws put out by the city, perhaps traffic laws or building codes or whatever), you use the name of the jurisdiction in effect at the time the laws were promulgated.

This works just as any other change of corporate name. For instance, there is “Andersen Consulting” which changed its name to “Accenture” in 2001. http://lccn.loc.gov/no2001029200. “Accenture” has a variant name “Accenture Development Partnerships”. The heading for the company that began in 2001 is “Accenture (Firm)”. In all cases it’s the same company, but the name changed in 2001.

For publications published by this company before 2001, you use “Andersen Consulting”. For publications published after 2001, you use “Accenture (Firm)”. All normal.

Therefore, the jurisdiction (corporate body) of Iskendrun/Alexandretta follows the same rule as for all other corporate bodies, and if you get publications issued by the government of Iskendrun/Alexandretta, you need to find out which jurisdiction published them. Something that comes out today would get 110/710 Iskendrun (Turkey)

but if those laws came out when the government was under Syria, it would be
110/710 Alexandretta (Syria)

Nevertheless, all subjects would continue to go through Iskenderun (Turkey). For a US example, see http://lccn.loc.gov/2004026045 where the Colonial government of New York State issued laws but subjects go through the modern name.