ACAT RDA’s impact?

It seems to me that one reason newbies “get” RDA more quickly than experienced catalogers, is that experienced catalogers are probably doing a lot of evaluation in the backs of their minds. At least, that is how I have tried to deal with any changes. Experienced catalogers have always had to deal with rule changes, so that is nothing new.

So, when confronted with a rule change, the newbie just tries to learn, but the experienced cataloger will naturally think “Why is this being changed?” even if they don’t say it out loud. For instance, the changes from AACR2-jargon to RDA-jargon still results in jargon that is equally incomprehensible to non-catalogers. Where is the great advantage of saying “preferred title” to “uniform title”? It is only natural for an experienced person to wonder about it–and yes, be a little skeptical.

Trained catalogers are probably also thinking about the consequences of the changes they are learning about, just as they have had to consider any other changes in rules or procedures. What does implementing this change mean? How many records will we have to update? Who’s going to do it? How can we do it? And so on.