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On 10/16/2015 6:04 PM, Noble, Richard wrote:
There’s a link in the Atlantic article to the reconstructed “The Crossing”:

The reconstructed site is given in the article at:

The IA has also archived this page and that version is the URL is what you gave.

The reconstructed site uses Flash, just as the first one did. This is a problem of archiving web resources: not only do you have to archive the content, you archive additional tools like java, javascript and flash. Already, flash is being downgraded for use on the web, and future browsers will probably not support it someday. Therefore, even if it is in the IA, this site very possible will not work, perhaps even 10 years from now.

Another example is that recently Google announced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which every will be expected to implemented. As the name suggests, it is about the mobile web, in essence to make pages load a lot faster on a phone, which is where all the futurists believe everything will wind up.

Anyway, what AMP will do will be to force developers to simplify their HTML, CSS and practically do away with Javascript. (When I read that I was really shocked because javascript is everywhere) Why is Google doing this? Because the word now is: Speed. If it takes a page 10 seconds to load, your users have already been gone for 5 seconds. People can’t wait for anything, it seems they all believe they are so busy. (RE: So, probably Javascript will be obsolete someday.

There are ways around these problems, so long as the files exist, which is the main thing.