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On 10/16/2015 8:07 PM, Tennant,Roy wrote:
The reason to minimize use of Javascript is to reduce the overall load on the mobile browser in terms of downloading and execution. But Javascript is doing just fine, thank you very much, and likely will for quite some time to come.

While I won’t argue with this, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) demonstrate how Google and related companies control development today, and is one reason why some older developers have claimed that in the mobile environment, they do not have nearly the freedom to create as they did on the web.

In this case, Google claims that on the mobile web the problem is speed and the cause is technologies such as flash and javascript (which is being limited). The problem for Google is not that everyone is being overwhelmed by irrelevant ads that Google is sending you, along with all kinds of trackers that slow everything down at least as much. But that is untouchable because that is how Google makes its money. Google therefore controls technologies used by developers and not the ads, which are much more important to Google.

Of course, it’s not that you cannot add flash, your own javascript, etc. to your pages. You can, and you won’t be thrown in jail, BUT Google will downgrade your pages in their search results, ensuring that nobody will ever see your pages.

Ouch! That’s pretty effective to ensure compliance.

Anyway, this is just an example of how much development is controlled today. I hope javascript stays around for a long time, but clearly, that is the decision of the Googles.