ACAT Question about cataloging cyrillic script

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On 10/26/2015 5:02 PM, Stephen Early wrote:
As James stated, knowing the country of origin of the books is also helpful, because the tables for Ukrainian will differ somewhat from the tables for Russian or for non-Slavic Cyrillic based languages.

I don’t want to press it, but country of origin isn’t so important. Russia publishes books in all other cyrillic languages, Ukraine often publishes books in Russian, Moldova often publishes in Ukrainian, and so on.

My suggestion is to ask around and find out if there is anyone locally who can help you determine the language of the books. This is not as simple as it sounds. They don’t have to do the transliteration, just tell you what language it is. Once you know the language the text is in, it is relatively easy to transliterate, to search, etc. but if you don’t know what language your text is in, you will probably do it wrong.