ACAT Jurisdiction as a 151 (was” RE: Istanbul versus Constantinople)

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On 10/29/2015 7:22 PM, Fatima Albazzal wrote:
This is a very debatable issue, and we are facing such changes in place names in the National Library, especially for jurisdictions that were a part of the Ottoman Empire, today’s Turkey. Istanbul and Constantinople are an example.
We see another change with the heading for “Iskenderun (Turkey)”, a city in Southern Turkey that was a part of Syria. Wikipedia states the following about the history of the city:
“Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War , most of Hatay including İskenderun was occupied by French troops. Between 1921 and 1937 the city was part of the autonomous Sanjak of Alexandretta within French-controlled Syria under the League of Nations
French Mandate of Syria and the Lebanon.
This led to the foundation of the Republic of Hatay.
In 1939, it joined with the Republic of Turkey, after a referendum. The referendum was, and still is, regarded as illegitimate by Syria.”

Compare this to the records for “L’viv (Ukraine)”, which has a few variants. It began in the Austrian Empire and the name heading was “Lemberg (Austria)”. Then it went to Poland and the name heading became “Lwów (Poland)”. Then it was part of the Soviet Union, but according to the rules, the qualifiers were the constituent republics, so instead of “L’vov (Soviet Union)” it was “L’vov (Ukraine)”. When Ukraine became independent, the language form changed to “L’viv (Ukraine)” which is what it is today.

All subjects (i.e. 651 and 650$z) go through the latest name “L’viv (Ukraine)” thankfully, because if people are interested in the buildings of this city, they would have to look at “Architecture–Ukraine–L’viv” plus “Architecture–Poland–Lwów” and “Architecture–Austria–Lemberg”, i.e. for exactly the same subject. No one could ever know that and the result would be utter chaos.

As name headings however, they are all valid because the government of Lemberg (Austria) was different from Lwów (Poland) and both are different from today. This is normal practice for all corporate bodies.

As I am not an expert in your area, I cannot offer any help. I will only point out that often, there are no separate name headings in the NAF because nothing has been cataloged yet. So, if you had laws issued by the city of Iskanderun when it was part of the French Mandate of Syria and the Lebanon, a separate name heading might be required. But I do not know.

No matter what, subjects would always be through Iskanderun (Turkey).