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On 9/22/2015 4:32 PM, Gaetan Boisson wrote:
as a non specialist in marc21 i am being asked how to fill field 240 > properly.

What i understood from what was explained to me today, is that when 240 refers to a uniform title that doesn’t have a clearly defined and unique author, a uniform-title authority will be used, with the header in 130. But if the title has one unique and unambiguous author, a person for instance, a personal name authority should be used, with the title in 100$t.

Seeing how authorities work in Koha this doesn’t seem feasible, as the subfields will be copied from the specified header to the bibliographic record, and this would involve copying a 100$t to a 240$a while the 100$a of the authority is copied to the 100$a of the bibliographic record.

Can anyone confirm this understanding of the marc21 standard and give me a better clue of how it is supposed to be implemented in Koha?

Concerning the MARC format, when you have a uniform title, and it is main entry, e.g. “Beowulf” it goes into a 130. 130 \0 $aBeowulf

If you have a uniform title and it has an author, the author’s heading will go into the 1xx field (a person’s name in 100, a corporate name in 110, etc.) and the title goes into 240, not into 100$t. So, you have 100 0\ $aHomer.
240 10 $aIliad

This works differently if there is a uniform title for another work. So, if Homer’s Iliad is one part of a book, e.g. the title is “Masterpieces of Greek literature” and one part is Homer’s Iliad, it works:

245 00 Masterpieces of Greek literature

700 02 $aHomer.$tIliad.

I don’t know if this helps or just makes it more confusing…

I have noticed that a lot of this does not seem to display in the default public view of Koha and if you want it to display, you have to implement it with your style sheet.