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On 9/22/2015 6:48 PM, Gaetan Boisson wrote:
So we would have this in the bibliographic record :
100 0\ $9authid $aHomer.
240 10 $9authid $aIliad

And this in the authority record :
001 authid
100 $aHomer $tIliad

I would have thought that the 240 should be linked to an uniform title record (with the header in 130), but this kind of authority cannot have an author name. http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd130.html
From what i understand, we should be filling both 100 and 240 in the biblio from the 100 in the authority in this situation, with subfields from the authority going in different subfields in the bibliographic record (namely the $t will end up in a $a). As far as i know, Koha really doesn’t do that.

As far as how it works in Koha, I haven’t got a clue–in Koha or any other ILS. In my own opinion, MARC21 has been wrong for a long, long time because it splits the 100$a$t in the authority records into 1xx/240 in the bibliographic records. I have been told that the reason is very old (from the 1960s) that it was the only way to allow search and display of authors and titles separately. This was from the card catalog, where you could search for the author as main entry or the main title. In the added entries, it was always a matter that you had to search the author’s name and the title did not work.

Of course, we are well into the second decade of the 21st century, and these things should be taken care of.

In short: I don’t know. Other, wiser heads will have to help!