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On 9/10/2015 11:56 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:
Alex posted:

Judges-United States.

Judges may be divided geographically. It is normal to use the $z after the last heading which can be so divided. Thus:
Judges–United States–Election
BUT Judges–Election–Alaska has been established. So we have an inconsistency. Perhaps LC should disestablish the Alaska heading?
One heading avoids the duplication of “Judges” hedings.
“Judges” are neither a corporate nor legislative body. so you can’t use the freefloating subdivision “Elections”, whhich does not subdivide geographically in any case.

This is why the public should not use the LCNAF because it is very complicated to use and to understand, and there are errors as well.

1) When we use it, we find two headings for “Judges”. The first is for a series title and the second is the subject heading.

2) When you look at the record for the subject, in the 008 field, we see
860211i| anannbabn |a ana

The “i” means that it can be subdivided geographically.

3) We then discover that “Judges–Election” is set up as an authorized heading. The 008 there is
860211|| anannbabn |a ana

without an “i”. This means that this subdivision cannot be further subdivided geographically.

4) We see a heading “Judges–Election–Alaska” but it is not authorized.

Therefore, since we noticed that “Judges” can be subdivided geographically, the heading “Judges–Alaska–Election” is valid while “Judges–Election–Alaska” is not valid.

I notice these kinds of errors all the time in copy, from LC and other libraries, but they are entirely understandable because it’s so complicated. Obviously, this is far beyond the abilities of any non-cataloger. Plus for catalogers themselves, the tools are clunky. Displays should be made easier so that catalogers can immediately see which parts of the headings can/cannot be subdivided geographically without looking for a 008 i in multiple records.

Plus, in a keyword environment, the order becomes a moot point anyway. The public has never really understood the order of subdivisions and with the modern changes in information searching, we must confess they never will. (“Why do I have to search “Architecture–Germany” and not “Germany–Architecture”?) Today, the best search for the election of judges in Alaska is actually “judges election alaska” as keywords within subjects, and they get everything:

With linked data, it will change too but in unknown ways.