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On 15/09/2015 23.30, Daniel CannCasciato wrote:
Small authority problem (in addition to him not existing): the image of the headstone celebrating his future birth lists that as March 22, 2228, not 2233.

A good point. Now it seems that we need to figure out which source is the more authoritative: the fictional autobiography or the piece of stone …. We may need a LC-PCC PS decision on this.

I am only half kidding. I guarantee, somebody will bring this up sometime.



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  1. Ron Murray said:

    Recall that one of the justifications for getting library data i linked form is that others could build upon it. Apparently not just in terms of adding “data,” but in supplying additional points of view on the resources being described.

    Well, *someone* would have to cite Jorgé Luis Borges on a topic like this, so I guess it will be have me – via this Wikipedia entry (much of which aligns with my knowledge of the short story):ön,_Uqbar,_Orbis_Tertius

    So there are multiple (semi-) fictional works involved, along with fictional persons and corporate bodies. Naturally there are citations.

    Mathematician Bernhard Riemann kept his nerve after he changed *just one thing* in the definition of a triangle – and ended up with three geometries instead of just one. Same deal here, except that we now get to surface and question unacknowledged assumptions about whether Works and those who create, etc. them are “real” or not, Words and phrase still come out the end and have to be managed, so should we panic, or see where this takes us?

    October 16, 2015

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