ACAT James T. Kirk as author? really?

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On 9/15/2015 9:17 PM, Jesse Lambertson wrote:
What if we built two catalogues that are designed to be searched as one (for the sake of ease for the user)

1 which uses all name authority files according to current standards, contains all birth-death dates of “real” people etc.


2, which is ONLY constructed by the fictional or imaginary characters who are represented in works as creators/authors.

Perhaps this is a solution. In any case with linked data, which will bring in information from all and sundry, it will be very difficult to predict exactly what we have come to understand as a “heading” will look like. For instance, when you search “Captain James T. Kirk” in Google you get a little “card” that talks about him:

This is part of that “card”:
“James T. Kirk
Fictional Character
James Tiberius “Jim” Kirk is a fictional character in the Star Trek media franchise, appearing in numerous television episodes, films, books, comics, and video games.”

Interesting that he in turn has a creator of “Gene Roddenberry”. So, our “heading” could be similar, e.g.:

100 1/ Roddenberry, Gene.$[make up a subfield code]Kirk, James T., $d2233-2371 including pictures, out-takes, quotes, and who knows what else.

Yes, it is pretending, but it seems as if there is a lot of pretending with RDA.

Maybe it’s fun, but I just get concerned when we add information to the catalog that everybody knows is untrue. That may come back to haunt us someday, that is, if the public cares enough about it.