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On 9/9/2015 7:18 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:
Aaron said:

It would be nice if we could indicate opposition to some non-religious topics as well …

Yes, for example Evolution–Controversial literature.

But that subdivision has problems, It is misunderstood by most patrons (and some cataloguers) to mean that the literature itself is controversial, rather than to being in opposition.

There is also the older practice, which was probably better understood by the average user:
–Controversial literature–Pro
–Controversial literature–Con

But the question is: would it be any easier for the cataloger to assign these headings than what we have been discussing? Perhaps.

With the Donald Trump example, what about:
Emigration and immigration–United States–Controversial literature–Con.

I think even Donald Trump might agree with this heading.

or concerning Europe:
Emigration and immigration–European Union countries–Controversial literature–Pro.

Of course, this entirely avoids the fact that absolutely NOBODY could ever come up with such a heading on their own! Only a cataloger would even think of such a thing!

But that is an entirely different issue….

By the way, in Wikipedia, the “Con” side is “Opposition to immigration”
Plus, there is a category: Anti-immigration politics

Finally, once linked data arrives, catalogers will (in theory) be able to add much more than only LC subject headings, and so long as there is something with a URI, they will be able to use it. As a result, catalogers will be able to add URIs other than only LC subject headings, if they want to, and the system will function.