Research workflow (Was: Personal info in authority records)

On 8/10/2015 7:21 PM, Nathan Rinne wrote:
> Obviously, hard sciences and disciplines like history are quite > different and demand different approaches. Also, this is not to deny > that new tools could be developed in order to improve the processes > involved in historical research.
> That said, it is unthinkable – or at least should be – that a historian > would talk about all the resources just coming to them…. Different > worlds, it seems.

Perhaps it’s true that hard sciences and disciplines demand different approaches. I don’t know if that has ever been established. Beyond this question however is something else.

This scholar’s workflow fits perfectly with Tim Berners-Lee’s idea of creating “intelligent agents” which is the founding idea of the Semantic Web. (Here’s an older article, but still good:

I think everybody would very much like it if information just “came to them”. I know I would; lots of my friends would. *If* it works for this fellow in the video with his workflow–and although he is obviously happy with it, I am sure he is missing something somewhere. Of course, everybody always misses something so the question is: how much is he missing and how important are they? No matter what the answer however: others will demand similar tools and will expect them. And if people want them badly enough they will be built.

I think libraries could fit into such an environment rather easily and actually could do very well.

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