ACAT Usage of “History” as a free floating subdivision

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On 30/09/2015 8.56, Fatima al-Bazzal wrote:
I have some concerns about using “History” as a free floating subdivision and i want to share them with you, my question is divided into three parts:

Many of your questions are answered in the SCM for History The entire procedure is important, including the end, “Subdivisions not further subdivided by –History”
Also, if a heading is authorized, it can be used, e.g.

i- International relations–History–20th century versus International relations–20th century

If you look in the NAF, International relations–History is authorized while International relations–20th century is not. Use the form that is authorized.

All of this is terribly complicated, much of it is arbitrary and there are mistakes everywhere in our catalogs (understandably enough). Also, while such procedures were absolutely vital in a card catalog, it is difficult to determine how much of this is really necessary in today’s keyword environment, or how it could all be made easier for catalogers and users.