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On 8/6/2015 11:36 PM, Brian Briscoe wrote:
> The point that I was trying to make is that
> there will be an “authority record” of some sort by which results can be > collocated. The fear of no such thing is what creates apoplexy among > catalogers.
> Without such, library catalogs will be no better than other search engines > that lack the consistency that makes libraries the strongest source for > reliable information.

There will still be a type of “authority record” and authority control could work better than it ever has before. (If this was all we wanted though, we wouldn’t need linked data. There have been lots of other options to fix the problems of authorities in the catalog)

The URI becomes the key, but this in no way ends the problem: we can put in a link but what do we link *to*? Yes, we can link to and/or VIAF but is that what would make any difference at all to our users, who every day are growing farther and farther away from the catalog and its methods? I fear that people would look at it and say, “Ho-hum!”

As an example, a Ph.D student in molecular biology at Cambridge gave a talk at UKSG2014 and in one part of it, he discusses his workflow. The entire talk is enlightening, but I am sure many scholars, no matter what their topic, would love to follow his workflow. I’d like to. In his talk, he never even mentioned using the library. Of course, he is in the hard sciences, but things are changing for everyone.

What struck me most is that he says it is very important *not* to search. He claims that it is very important to do that passively. He says, “You don’t have to seek for information, the information comes to you.” And he says his workflow and use of the newest tools allows for that.

Here is the link that goes into the part where he discusses his workflow:

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