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On 7/10/2015 5:33 PM, Kathie Coblentz wrote:
> Well, it’s Friday now. And guess what? I searched OCLC for “pags” in > the physical description and “rda” in descriptive conventions. I got > 69 results. Another 8 for “paegs” in the physical description. >
> AACR 2 and all the other pre-RDA rules may not have been as advanced > and in tune with the digital age as RDA. But I’m willing to bet no > one ever misspelled “p.”

I just discovered that that “pag” is indeed, a word: I don’t think I’ll
do an image search. Anyway, I think I would consider “pag” to be a major typographical mistake that must be fixed.

I always try to imagine what people think when they see our records,
and especially what they will think in the future as our records are mixed in with all kinds of other stuff.

I can’t imagine this one!

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