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On 7/17/2015 6:20 PM, Joanna Sturgeon wrote:
> The adult services Librarian wants me to change the authoritative “Lindsay, > Jeffry P.” to “Lindsay, Jeff.” Is it acceptable to place the unauthorized > version in a 700 entry? Is there some better way to deal with this?

I am personally not into mystery novels but my wife is. It seems as if this is a rather complicated case. According to the NAF “Lindsay, Jeffrey P.” is the heading for the author of the Dexter novels (which was made into a TV series). From his Wikipedia page (, we discover that “Jeff Lindsay” is the pseudonym of Jeffry P. Freundlich. We also discover something very important: “Many of his earlier published works include his wife Hilary Hemingway as a co-author.”

After this, I looked up usage for the Dexter novels in OCLC (this search limits to English language books) and found two forms: “Jeff Lindsay” and “Jeffrey Lindsay” with the second form used only once. “Jeffrey P. Lindsay” appears only on his novel “Tropical depression” (not part of the Dexter series) and is used consistently in other books he wrote with Hilary Hemingway.

Here is the authority record.

100 1_ |a Lindsay, Jeffry P.
370 __ |e Cape Coral, Fla.
374 __ |a Screenwriters |a Authors |a Novelists |2 lcsh
400 1_ |a Lindsay, Jeff |q (Jeffry P.)
400 1_ |a לינדסי, ג׳ף
667 __ |a Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project. 667 __ |a Non-Latin script reference not evaluated.
670 __ |a Tropical depression, c1994: |b t.p. (Jeffry P. Lindsay) jkt. (Screenwriter, director, and author of over 14 plays; makes his home in Cape Coral, Fla.) 670 __ |a His Dearly devoted Dexter, c2005: |b CIP t.p. (Linday, Jeff)
670 __ |a Dexter’s final cut, c2013: |b (Jeff Lindsay is the NY Times bestselling author and creator of the Dexter novels. His novels are the inspiration for the Showtime and CBS series Dexter.) 675 __ |a Halliwell’s filmgoer’s and video viewer’s companion, c1993

Based on all of this, the record needs to be updated. “Jeff Lindsay” is the clear usage of the author of the Dexter series. “Jeffry P. Lindsay” is the author of some plays, and books on other topics. Plus his real name “Jeffrey P. Freundlich” needs to be added, but I don’t know if he has written anything under this. Apparently not, based on an OCLC search.

Since we are dealing with pseudonyms, there could be a real case for separate bibliographic identities, where “Jeff Lindsay” and “Jeffrey P. Lindsay” require different headings. I would argue that from an examination of the catalog records, Mr. Freundlich consistently uses the different names as different identities.

These are some of the problems that pop-up when people ask for changes in the catalog! In this case however, I think the changes would be justified.

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