ACAT Repeating 520?

On 7/1/2015 12:43 AM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:
> On either Autocat or RDA-L someone asked about repeating 520s in order > to have paragraphs. I answered that SLC only uses repeating 520s for > multiple descriptions, e.g., a set or kit.
> I suggested hyphens as in 505. In an offlist message John Marr > suggests using 520$b to create a break; $b can only be used once per > 520, and is for a fuller description than in $a.

For those who have access to the html/css coding of their catalogs, there is a value “white-space:pre-wrap” that preserves the line breaks. with “white-space:pre-wrap” the text wraps both on line breaks and when the browser window requires it.

What this means is, you could just put in line breaks where you want them in the 520, e.g. Line 1.[return]Line 2.[return]Line 3.

and with the correct style, it can display as:
Line 1.
Line 2.
Line 3.

I made a “fiddle” at where you can see it in action and even work with it yourselves. The top-left division (labelled HTML) has the code and you can make it bigger to see everything. You can put any text in you want to see how it works. In fact, all the divisions can be resized and it’s kind of fun to see how it works when you make the right hand divisions more narrow.

Here are the other values for “white-space”

This is yet another reason why open source is so important for libraries today! A simple 10-second fix to a problem.

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