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On 4/7/2015 7:19 PM, Goldfarb, Kathie wrote:
> People deal with differences every day. We go to grocery stores and while there are similarities, they are different and we find our way around. Websites. Every notice that no standard has been accepted on whether we login/out or sign in? and I have a bank that uses ‘exit’ for me to log out. Differences in requirements on passwords. Some sites I use have me enter my username, then bring up the screen to enter my password. We can generally find the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of email messages, but that is because they hope you don’t see it.

Concerning grocery stores, I worked in them for longer than I like to think. For year, I thought I could never get out of them. I will say that people normally have lots of problems finding things in grocery stores since I was always being asked, “Where are your …?” I had thought that one of the main reasons why people become “loyal customers” is that they have learned where they can find the items on the shelves, so they can buy what they want quickly and get on with their lives.

But that may not be correct. I was with Safeway Stores (primarily) and every so often the “big bosses” would come in and have us move things around. I didn’t understand why, but I discovered it was so that customers would *not* get too used to being able to come in, go straight to the item they wanted, and leave. The management wanted customers to come in and have no choice except to browse the shelves looking for what they wanted, on the off-chance that they would see something else they might be willing to buy.

People complained every time we moved things around, but it didn’t matter. They always came back.

I keep saying that libraries are not like businesses (grocery stores). Maybe I’m wrong? 🙂

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