RDA-L RE: Re: Re: Catalogue usage

On 04/04/2015 3.45, Amanda Cossham wrote:
> Gene said:
> > “And the display should be the same from one library to the other.” >
> Why? Different libraries have different users with different needs. > What suits a research library does not suit a public library. > Different cultures and languages have different preferences. > Supermarkets don’t shelve products in the same locations universally. > The same work can have different classification numbers. I’d agree > with ‘roughly the same display’ but not ‘the same’.

Another consideration is that in this “Brave New World of Linked Data” we are heading toward (willy-nilly), displays will change more than ever, and the displays will probably be in constant flux: when some parts of the linked data network go down, are added, deleted, disappear, reappear in new guises, and so on.

In that new world, I would venture a guess that IT staff–and not only the IT staff of your own institution, but the IT staffs at the different nodes of the linked data universe your institution is hooked up to–plus even the individual users themselves, all of them will have more control over the display than the cataloger. Regrettable or not, it is one of the fundamental changes everyone will have to deal with.

How this will give people something that is both coherent and reliable, I haven’t a clue, but someone may figure it out, nevertheless. It could also be possible that coherent and reliable won’t be considered so important, and people will prefer ease and speed. It seems we must have faith.

One thing is for sure: the changes haven’t even started yet! We’d better hang on tight!

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