RDA-L RE: RE: Leaves of Plates or Pages of Plates

On 4/23/2015 5:27 PM, Kimberly Montgomery wrote:
> See the definitions for page and leaf at ODLIS (http://www.abc-clio.com/ODLIS/odlis_about.aspx , note the URL change). Basically, a leaf consists of two pages. If there is printing only on one side, you count the leaves. (You don’t count both the printed and the unprinted pages.) If there is printing on both sides, you count the pages. This practice pre-dates RDA.

It is also possible to have an item that is numbered as leaves (meaning that each leaf is printed on both sides) but there is actually printed on both sides. An example is nothing less than a book by Savonarola (the Bonfire of the Vanities guy in Renaissance Florence)!


In this case, the extent statement says “leaves” but you make a note saying that the leaves are printed on both sides. The LC record says “Printed in 2 columns, on both sides of the leaves.” http://lccn.loc.gov/16011686

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