RDA-L Calvin “Klein” Bacote

On 4/27/2015 10:41 PM, Michael Borries wrote:
> I am cataloging the book Neighborhoods under siege, by Calvin “Klein” > Bacote. This is the form that appears on the title page and the form > (usually with, sometimes without, the quotation marks) that appears in > Google searches. As I read the rules in RDA, since Calvin “Klein” > Bacote is form the generally appears in such reference works as I have, > and is the form that appears in his book, that is form I should use as > the preferred form of name, and so the form on the authority record > should be: Bacote, Calvin “Klein.” If there is something I’m missing, I > would appreciate it if someone could point it out. If I remember > correctly, “Klein” (as a nickname) would not have been used under AACR2.

Much depends on what the author intends. In this sense, I remember the heading “100 1_ |a Jackson, Laura (Riding), |d 1901-1991” which is normally completely wrong in a heading because the parentheses mean something very specific. But this is explained in the NAF record in a very interesting note:

670 __ |a Ltr. from author, 13 Sep 73 |b (My later authorial name is ’Laura (Riding) Jackson.’ I insist on this with publishers and editors … I do not use ’Riding’ as a middle name in my later authorial name: it is, as it were, a literary identification. I do not use it as a middle name in my later personal name; and it would perturb me if the parentheses were disregarded in the Library of Congress) http://lccn.loc.gov/n79004208

Obviously, we don’t want to perturb people. If the cataloger determines that Mr. Bacote prefers the quotation marks, it seems OK.

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