ACAT Subject heading question: Transnational identity of Europeans?

On 12/03/2015 14.53, Shorten, Jay wrote:
> I’ve upgraded OCLC #904588879 with some new subject headings, but I’m wondering if I’m missing something. The book is an analysis of survey data among the 27 European Union countries as to what people think about European integration and about their transnational identity, i.e. how and whether and who thinks of themselves as Europeans besides citizens of their country. This is what I have so far: >
> European Union $x Public opinion
> Europe $x Economic integration $x Public opinion << the original heading > Europe $x Economic integration $x Social aspects
> Public opinion $z European Union countries
> Transnationalism [this cannot be subdivided geographically

These are the sorts of things where I type in “european identity” into Worldcat and see what pops up. Here are a few that have been used: National characteristics, European.
Group identity — European Union countries.
Citizenship — European Union countries.
Nationalism — European Union countries.
European cooperation — Social (psychological) aspects

By the way, I think that tools could be made to help the catalogers find headings far more efficiently by being able to see them all in something like a word cloud, instead of having to open each record, scroll down, etc. It could save a load of tedium!

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