ACAT Institution records demise on OCLC

On 3/25/2015 5:04 PM, John Gordon Marr wrote:
> Considering ” when this was discussed and by whom” is significant, especially if the discussion did not include “us.” >
> But the one point that no one has clarified is “why”– was it a budgetary problem OCLC is faced with, and should “we” be made aware of any fiscal weaknesses OCLC may have?

It seems to me that these records constitute an important part of library history, just as important as any other old printed catalog of any other library. We keep those–in fact, I’ve written some articles on these old catalogs myself.

Instead of just deleting what is very possibly the only copy in the universe of those records, I would much prefer that they archive them somewhere, even in the internet archive or some institutional repository, so that they can be used for study and research. There is a wealth of information there and it could be used in all kinds of ways. Who knows what people could come up with? If you delete it, they can’t come up with anything at all….

I have discovered a strange behavior: while libraries happily archive all kinds of old documents from other departments, businesses, and so on, they often dismiss their own old documents as obsolete and want to throw them away.

I vote the records be made available for research and study, if nothing else, just as zip files in the Internet archive.

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