RDA-L RE: Preferred title

On 03/02/2015 5.37, Ehlert, Mark K. wrote:
> “Make additions to access points if needed to distinguish the access point for a work: [1] from one that is the same or similar but represents a different work or [2] from one that represents a person, family, corporate body, or place.”

I don’t catalog in RDA, but does this mean that if I have a book of the paintings of Vincent van Gogh, and the title is “Vincent van Gogh”, that I must distinguish the book from his heading?

Does van Gogh have to be main entry? So, if there is a book by John Smith titled “Vincent van Gogh” does it have to be distinguished from a book with van Gogh as ME?

Does it make a difference if the book has his dates, e.g. a title such as “Vincent van Gogh, 1820-1888” (This happens all the time in book titles)

Does the order of the name make a difference? The heading is actually “Gogh, Vincent van, 1820-1888” so would the title have to be precisely “Gogh, Vincent van, 1820-1888” before we have to distinguish them?

As an additional wrinkle, the newest catalogs have a tendency to display headings in natural order instead of surname-comma-forename while not displaying dates, e.g. http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/239654 where van Gogh’s heading displays as “Vincent van Gogh” and does not display the dates, so the title and his heading display exactly the same.

I assume that if there are two books with the same title “Vincent van Gogh” I would have to distinguish them. (Of course, there are lots more than two!)

Does same hold true for books with the title of “Rome” or “Paris” or “New York City”? There are zillions of those.