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On 1/29/2015 8:17 PM, McDonald, Stephen wrote:
> I agree with your general point, concerning the problem when common usage differs from the formal or official name. However, in the specific case of Dr. Who, people_do_ know the character as The Doctor. It is only those who are not actually familiar with the show who think Doctor Who refers to the character’s name rather than the name of the show. Wikipedia, fan websites, and other popular sources use the name The Doctor.

When we discuss this in terms of the world of linked data, the character of “The Doctor/Doctor Who” becomes almost overwhelming. If we look at dbpedia (soon to be overtaken by Wikidata?) we see where the “owl:sameAs” property (that is, other forms of the term) contains:닥터_(닥터_후),_doki?)الدكتور_(دكتور_هو)Доктор_(Доктор_Кой)הדוקטורДоктор_(Доктор_Кто)Доктор_(Доктор_Хто)博士_(異世奇人)

Here is his Wikipedia entry in Russian. In the world of linked data, there will be no “official forms” but rather a number of variants (owl:sameAs) and the most important part will be the link: and then the systems people can style things how the library wishes.

Also in Wikipedia, there are an incredible number of links to various aspects of “The Doctor/Doctor Who” including his differrent transformations and individual episodes, plus spinoffs:

In the larger world, the Doctor Who character takes on many names, just as there is no single “correct” name for the city of “Rome” or “Vienna”. There are many. It depends on where you come from. There is no “correct” form in this sense.