Ebook on Visualizing Cataloging Concepts

I have just written a small pamphlet with the rather long title of, “A visual explanation of the areas defined by AACR2, RDA, LCNAF, LC Classification, LC Subject Headings, Dewey Classification, MARC21”

I wrote it because I have seen non-catalogers very often mix-up these different terms. I wanted something visual so that people could see how, when they mention, e.g. MARC, then that is not the same as talking about AACR2 and so on. It is primarily visual with a minimum of text.

Also, I have been wanting to do an ebook for awhile. I have made a few but this is the first I have decided to share. This book is very simple to show that MARC and AACR2 and Subjects are different and should not be mixed up.

You can download the book from my blog at https://blog.jweinheimer.net/books-and-apps. There are different formats you can choose. If somebody wants another format, let me know.

I decided not to add it to Google Books, but I could change that decision.

Please share this posting with others who may be interested.