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On 1/17/2015 9:21 AM, Julie Moore wrote:

I’ve heard several people who have replied both on and off list say that DACS is similar to RDA in my cataloging world. And that the output for DACS is often EAD, which is used for finding aids … at least, I know I’ve seen DACS and EAD linked together quite a bit in comments. But you still want the DACS content to end up in a record for the library catalog, right?

Yes and no. Some information does, and other information does not. For example, here is a finding aid in EAD from Princeton:

and the catalog record is here (I hope the link makes it),1&=&=&=&=&PID=wpihzGf94erSFnP9t5a6Tbj1eKN (the title is “Chess papers of Eugene B. Cook”). There is a description of the entire collection in the catalog record, but there is also a link to the finding aid, where there is folder by folder information. Some finding aids have even more detailed information than this one.

When we examine the finding aid, we see that a lot of specific information is left out in the library catalog, e.g. “Carpenter, George Edward, 1844-1924: Problems correspondence”. So, if you search in the library catalog for Carpenter, George Edward, 1844-1924, you find only some books, but not the individual correspondence (under another form of name Carpenter, George E. (George Edward), 1844-1924). If you search him in the finding aids, you get his correspondence but not his books.

While the information for the individual folder could be in the library catalog, Princeton has decided it should not, and they should be searched separately. Today, federated searching could change that in several ways, searching both with one search and perhaps presenting the results in a tabbed display, one for library catalog, the other for finding aid results.