Library Herald App – Beta testers wanted

I would like to announce a new Android app for librarians to keep up with the latest news, “The Library Herald App” available at

I have put it as a Beta version (meaning it needs testing), and I would really appreciate testers. I have set up a Google Community for that purpose: Anybody can join, and the app is free.

Right now, it works only on Android, but if there is a good response, it could entice me to make it work on other devices. It has already been an interesting learning experience, and I even made a promotional video.

For more explanation, here is my opening post on the Google Community site:
“I began this project as a learning experience for myself. First, I wanted to learn how to make an app, so I made one that I thought would be useful for my own purposes, and it turned out to be better than I expected and I wanted to share it.

It turned out that if you want to share apps, it is best to use Google Play so that you do not have to “sideload” anything. So now I am learning the process of putting the app into the marketplace and how development can take place. To have a development process, you need to make a Google Community!

By the way, you will see ads in this app, but the money does not go to me. It goes to the project that helped me create this app. Now I want to learn how to build apps from scratch. If people like this app, it will be an incentive for me to learn!

Maybe we can all learn together, while we improve the app for everyone!”

Please share this post with anyone who may be interested.