Article on Medieval Libraries

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I thought I would share an article about Medieval Libraries and the catalogs at entitled “Location, Location: GPS in the Medieval Library”. It is a great article and includes a photo of a wall catalog from the 15th century. Wall catalogs made perfect sense: instead of binding the leaves into a book, you could just hang them on the wall so that more people could use it.

People interested in this article may also be interested in two parts from one of my favorite documentaries: “The Day the Universe Changed” by James Burke. These come from episode 4, “A Matter of Fact: Printing Transforms Knowledge”. The first link discusses what medieval libraries were like and how books get hidden.  (These links go directly to the correct sections of the video)

and the second link talks about the power of cataloging and indexing.

(Watch them soon before they disappear!) Also, there may be some rather annoying ads, but just pause the video until the ad is over.