ACAT Misspelling in contents Was: RE: Philosophical Tenants?

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Ian Fairclough wrote:

Philosophical Tenants and the 21st Century is the wording of the title of a chapter in the book Global business and corporate governace : ǂb environment, structure, and challenges / ǂc John Thanopoulos.
You may wonder whether this is an actual typo or the intended phrase! I leave it to the reader to judge. My suspicion is that “tenets” was intended.

After examining the book at, it seems to be a fairly serious work, so it is difficult to imagine that it is an intended typo.

Therefore, I figure this is why we get paid the big money! 🙂

Would it help the public to add “Philosophical tenets”? Yes–without a doubt.

Although Cutter’s spelling of his “Alfabetic-order table”;view=1up;seq=2 was certainly intended, because he was following the Spelling Reform movement (as Dewey and many others did), I would not hesitate today to make a “246 Alphabetic-order table” since I cannot imagine anybody ever searching for “alfabetic” today.

Catalogers should help people find information, not prevent it.