The Library Herald

I would like to announce that I have created a Library News website, that I call “The Library Herald” at

I have tried to add most of the main topics in librarianship, but what I know best are “Technology” and “Cataloging” so they are the best covered at the moment. To find the sources I am using, you can see them under each topic, e.g. Acquisitions has Acquisitions Sources, and so on. Some of these are rather sparse.

I have added the Google Translate widget, plus if you look at the RSS feeds, under Subscribe & More, you can see “Feed RSS”, where there are feeds in several languages. I did this as an experiment. You can see the Russian translation of the Technology RSS Feed. It doesn’t look as if the feeds are complete, but oh well….

I based this site on an older version that I have used for several years now, and I just wanted to try something new to help me learn WordPress.

Please feel free to share this with all and sundry who may be interested. And of course, if you have any suggestions for other sites or any other suggestions and comments, please let me know.