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On 05/08/2014 7.52, Ghada Dimashk wrote:

I have some books from the Center for Arab Unity Studies, the book is originally published in Arabic, but the publisher here translated the Arabic title into English and it is found in verso title page, knowing that the text is not translated into English.
In this case, should we mention the English title in Field 246 indicator 1 (parallel title)? or should we mention it as a note? or can we mention it in 246 $i title translated by publisher?

This used to happen all the time during the period of the Soviet Union. The title in the colophon was almost always in Russian, no matter what was the language of the item. We made a reference for the title in the colophon, e.g. in the Slavic Cataloging Manual:


Following this, you could also describe it as placement in the item, e.g. 246 1/ $iTitle on t.p. verso:

or even as
246 15
considering it as an added t.p.

But, if the question is: should you add the title at all? In my opinion, absolutely. It is one of the titles found on the item and should be recorded somewhere–even as a note. Maybe it will not be so much helpful for a user to access the item since it is entirely in Arabic, but without a doubt, it sure helps the poor catalogers and librarians determine that it is the same thing or not. If a title appears clearly and prominently on an item and is ignored in the record, the catalogers/librarians (not a user) could wonder if they are looking at the same thing or something different.

Wanting to save the time of the cataloger is very important–especially today.