ACAT Friday OT : Science fiction fans, I could use some help!

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On 8/15/2014 9:32 PM, Blodget, Emily@CSL wrote:

Two original Star Trek episodes spring to mind, because I watched them recently. In “All Our Yesterdays,” the planet Sarpeidon is going to be destroyed by a supernova, but when the Enterprise arrives, there’s no one who needs saving–because everyone already went to the library, picked a favorite historical period from the collection, and hopped back in time. The extraordinarily dedicated head librarian is the only one still there, putting off saving himself until the very last minute in case he needs to help any stragglers. (His trick of making lesser-skilled doubles of himself is also a novel solution to a staff shortage!) Preserving the past saved them from a future apocalypse–albeit in a way that no doubt produces time-paradox headaches for anyone who thinks about it too hard.

“All Our Yesterdays” was written by a librarian who was later at Princeton University, a good friend of mine, and I’m sure that Mark remembers her too: Jean Aroeste. I see she actually made it into Wikipedia! That’s good.

When I asked her about it, she told me what it was like to write a TV script and how strange she found it. Then she said, “That really was another life.”

She was a good friend of Seymour Lubetzky also. I have always been a “Trekkie” and this episode has been one of my favorites, so it was a real thrill for me when I found out that Jean was the writer!