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On 30/06/2014 22.24, McDonald, Stephen wrote:

The difference is that the pseudo-Walter Benjamin book was being attributed to the real Walter Benjamin, while the Mickey Mouse pseudonym was claiming to be a real person named Mickey Mouse, not the cartoon character. One is claiming to be written the person whose NAR is Walter Benjamin, while the other is claiming to be by someone different from the person with the NAR Mickey Mouse.

I guess that is true–I’ll go ahead and assume that somewhere it was written in the book either that “This was written by the real Mickey Mouse” or “This was written by a different entity than the real Mickey Mouse”. Although I don’t know how much stock anybody should place into such declarations. Both seem equally ludicrous to me, just as ludicrous as saying that the real Walter Benjamin wrote after he was dead.

What helps me understand these strange concepts of “impossible bibliographic identities” (fictitious characters, deities, and so on) is to ponder some of the images that have accompanied the Corpus Hermeticum. The best ones I have found are on Pinterest

Of course, I can’t explain why I believe these images will help me understand, but the esoteric nature “impossible bibliographic identities” seems to be very similar to these images!