An amazing record

Posting to Autocat

I thought I would share one of the most amazing records I have ever seen on Worldcat. I found it by mistake searching for copy for the book “Vesta and the Vestal virgins” by A D Tani
and noticed that the records just below that one, “Hunt for new phenomena using large jet multiplicities and missing transverse momentum with ATLAS in 4.7fb(-1) of root s=7 TeV proton-proton collisions” have a truly stupifying number of authors attached. In fact, there are so many that when I click on it, the record won’t even load, and as a result, I can’t give anybody a direct link to the record.

There are other similar records too, all based on this “ATLAS” project.

Intrigued, I found the actual article in the site I discovered that ATLAS is actually some kind of an experiment and is apparently based at CERN. The article is 48 p. (pdf), and the list of authors starts on p. 28 (pdf) and goes on for 12 pages! So, I guess it’s correct and all have been added.

I seriously doubt if the names in the Worldcat record are authority controlled but are just transcribed from the article (at least I suppose so, I confess I haven’t checked each one!).

My book came up no. 1, so I experienced no problem when searching for “vesta tani”. Still, I wonder what would/will happen if someone searched by other names that are in this record (these records) and how these developments could change retrieval for the users, especially as more and more records such as these are added to our databases.