Re: Deities, Fictitious Characters, and RDA Changes in Authority Control

On 23/06/2014 1.20, Julie Moore wrote:

… deities and fictitious characters personal names subject headings rather than topical subject headings that we used before — with one major exception, God. God is still a subject (150), not a personal name heading.

When/if God becomes a 100, we may be seeing all different kinds of changes since He is the Creator, e.g.:
100 0_ God.|tHeaven
100 0_ God.|tEarth

and then

100 0_ God.|tLight
100 0_ God.|tDarkness

and it can go on

100 0_ God.|tMen

100 0_ God.|tWomen

100 0_ God.|tBread (Daily)

and of course, since many believe that nothing at all happens without God and that He eternally creates everything, we could see variations that would strike us as rather strange right now and it will take some getting used to. (Of course, the MARC format will have to change a little):

100 0_ God.|aUnited States.|bCongress

100 0_ God.|aShakespeare, William,|d1564-1616.|tMacbeth.

100 0_ God.|aPresley, Elvis,|d1935-1977.|tElvis in person at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

and even

100 0_ God.|aHitchens, Christopher.|tGod is not great

and this will apply to everything we do.

Then we will hear complaints from the other major religions that have their own single deities, that theirs should be treated equally with the Judeo-Christian God; but what then about the dualistic religions such as Wicca (the Horned God and the Triple Goddess and if we then add in the real complexity of the divinities in the Far-Eastern
religions, what do we do then?! How could anybody ever pick a single main entry?!

Yes, I am joking of course, but I really wish we were spending our time creating things that will make it easier for the users to find the relevant materials they need.



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  1. Karen said:

    As a cataloging teacher this had me laughing out loud. Pity a lot of my students wouldn’t get it.

    July 21, 2014

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