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On 6/28/2014 6:07 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:


Muhammad Muswod posted:

We had an author known by his pseudonym (Mickey >Mouse). In this case, we can’t identify his entry by qualifier (Fictitious character) Even when used as a pseudonym it should be 100, 600, or 700 1 $aMouse, Mickey$c(Fictitious character).

RDA now allows the qualification even if not needed to distinguish the entry. Unfortunately, some fictitious characters were moved from subject to name, dropping the qualifier, during an interim period. I suggest adding it, even if lacking in the authority record, for consistency and patron information.


But once again, this mixes up a bibliographic identity that is *not* the character “Mickey Mouse” with a completely different person who uses the pseudonym “Mickey Mouse” just as occurred in the rather tiresome discussion that thankfully ended on RDA-L about “Walter Benjamin”.

Even when someone proclaims “I am not the same as the cartoon character Mickey Mouse” we throw them together nevertheless for some reason that is simply unknown to me, just as with “Walter Benjamin”. My own hope was that this would not occur very often, but it seems to happen at least semi-regularly.

There should be a way of not mixing the different bibliographic identities together. That would help the users instead of pretending that they are the same.