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On 2/5/2014 7:43 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

Most of us are doing manifestation records in MARC. There are no work records (unless you consider 100$a$t and 130 authority records to be such), Bibframe has no expression records (calling them works instead), It seems to me that in MARC we have MI, and in Bibfame WII (work/instance and I assume item). WEMI does not seem to be happening.

There are still an entire host of questions concerning WEMI that need to be addressed. First, it seems that with Bibframe, the works and expressions will be merged. Also, who will “own” the W/E instances or will they–along with all the W/E instances that will be made in the future–be in the public domain, or will libraries be expected to pay? Has that issue been solved or discussed? I cannot imagine any organization agreeing to–in essence, give away all of their headings (i.e. W/E information) if there are not some kind of iron-clad guarantees somewhere. Too many libraries have already been burned by losing rights to their own materials in the digital age.

Finally, it remains to be seen whether any of this will have the slightest impact on the users, especially after the fact that anyone is able to find WEMI in Worldcat now (as I have demonstrated several times), and this has had precisely zero impact on the public, on libraries, or on the world of cataloging itself. After we spend outrageous amounts of money converting and retooling each and every database and catalog in the world (and we are only at the very beginnings of the costs), what exactly is the major change that people will be able to experience that they cannot do right now; changes that will make the catalog more relevant to their needs, and will get them to appreciate library catalogs once again, other than merely for inventory

But these questions seem to be among those that nobody wants to discuss.



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