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On 15/01/2014 9.01, Bernhard Eversberg wrote:

AACR had the phrase “to emanate from a corporate body” (21.1B2). That was a half-hearted thing because the noun “emanator” was never used. So maybe for this reason the word got expurgated from RDA.
However, even in English it would be better to re-introduce this instead of using the potentially misleading “issuing body”! And then, since the German translation is never slow to use English terms where German equivalents are not at hand, the “Emanator” would really be a good candidate, and doesn’t it sound impressive, if not even transcendental?

I love language, so whenever I see a word like this, I look it up. Using the OED has always been interesting, but looking up strange words on the web, or doing an image search is even better. It turns out that there was a “Radium Emanator Filter Jar” when radium was considered a cure for everything. It filtered radium so that you could take it “according to a physician’s prescription.”

Also interesting: “The filter emanator may also be utilized as a general device for charging water with radium emanation for household use.”

Sounds like a really handy device! I also discovered that “The Emanator” is an album released by a group called “Shitdisco” from Scotland.

The web is a wonderful source of truly useful information!