Re: [ACAT] PCC should not exist

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On 1/14/2014 9:17 PM, Michael Kovnat wrote:

As briefly said at a conference before I got this job at a vendoir that sells to public libraries, PCC should not exist and here is an example of why. I have created many other records by deriving from PCC records too when the PCC record was missing the DDC number.

The main problem here is that a vendor is saying this to actual or potential customers. How many simply believe the “voice of authority”? What is the vendor selling? It reminds me of one time when I was library representative on a university-wide committee, the provost got up and said he believed the library should be eliminated and that each professor should get $5000 or $10000 to spend as they will. It was a ridiculous thing to say, but he was a terrifying individual so nobody said anything. I did manage to squeak out that not everyone would agree with what he said.

If we must condemn an entire initiative because of a few errors, we condemn every single initiative undertaken by the human race! It took Moses 40 years to reach the Promised Land, with a few detours along the way.

So long as the errors are admitted, accepted and learned from, we can advance. Problems arise when errors are ignored, explained away or meet an angry response.

When a vendor says something like this, does anyone disagree, I wonder? Or does everybody just sit there silently?