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On 21/01/2014 16.11, Jeanette Navia wrote:

Quoting Gene Fieg :

BTW, Google translator now has a drop down on screen keyboard.

AND in a drop-down menu besides the icon for the on-screen keyboard, Google Translate has a cool drawing feature where you can draw, or “handwrite” with mouse or stylus the characters you see and want translated. This shows up when you choose a language that uses non-Latin characters. I was able to figure out titles to a few Russian and Korean children’s books by crudely copying the characters from title pages. Suggestions about what you might be trying to write out show up, you choose what you were trying to draw,
and it’ll translate it. Very useful!

Another great tool is that you can use a Google app on your phone to translate text that you’ve taken a picture of.

There is also the possibility of hand gestures, e.g. Navigating concepts in this way could be really interesting with this tool and be almost like “flying through the information universe”.