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On 12/20/2013 5:13 PM, Heidrun Wiesenmüller wrote:

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this LCRI (I’m afraid there’s still a lot I don’t know about Anglo-American cataloging). Indeed this sounds rather complicated and a lot of effort. Also, I’m not sure I’ve really understood its consequences: So, the original collection might have got “Poems. Selections” but the translation would have got “X’s best poetry. German” in 240? If so, then that would still seem something of a muddle to me.

And would that rule still be valid under RDA? I can’t remember seeing something similar in the LC-PCC PS.

What this means is if a cataloger gets a book titled “The Coffin of Count Thrümmel” by Otto Bierbaum, finds that it is a translation and contains several other poems, he or she is supposed to look to see if it existed as a separate collection in German. The cataloger then may run across this “Die Schatulle des Grafen Thrümmel und andere nachgelassene Gedichte,” ( and then the cataloger is to try to determine if it is the same collection or not. If it is determined that it is a translation of this specific collection, the uniform title would be:

240 10 Schatulle des Grafen Thrümmel und andere nachgelassene Gedichte.$lEnglish

otherwise, if it is not the same thing, you would do:
240 10 Poems.$kSelections.$lEnglish

and you could throw on a date. The idea of “adequate title” may also apply here. LCRI 25.10 example 2.
since this would mean that the original German title was “adequate”.

This seemed to me to be what you were suggesting in your post. As I pointed out, it is really a lot of work for, as I see it, little gain.