Re: [RDA-L] RDA Toolkit Price Change

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On 11/22/2013 4:29 PM, Abbas, June M. wrote:

I would also like to note that LIS schools will now be charged for access to the Toolkit. In my case this will make it very difficult to provide access to the Toolkit for my students. I am not sure why ALA Publishing decided to require LIS schools to purchase access but I know I will have to find alternative ways to provide access for my students.

Well, I guess your students will come to understand the term “monopoly” is not only the name of a board game.

Of course, when the time comes for retrospective conversion of the millions of records in that awful, terrible “legacy data” to update the relators and relationships, that is when libraries will see the major costs.

And I am sure there will be other sundry costs thrown in along the way.