Re: [ACAT] How did you get into librarianship?

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Since someone else has already done a Cliff Notes version, I cannot restrain myself from doing an “Executive Summary” of my own reasons for getting into librarianship using “Powerpoint, point-form” format.

  • grew up in New Mexico
  • Worked in grocery stores for many years in Albuquerque
    • liked working with the public, hated the work
      • Wanted to “work with my mind” but:
        • Hated school and the first years of university
    • Began to take Russian language because I liked chess
    • Majored in Russian studies
    • Went to:
  • Lawrence, Kansas for graduate school
    • No work, found myself back in grocery stores in:
  • Topeka, Kansas
    • Never thought I would get out of grocery stores at this point
      • Moved to
  • El Paso Texas (with wife and child) working at Safeway grocery stores
    • Safeway was selling my division
      • I needed something desperately
        • (The money had always been fair, but I knew that the union would be kicked out and with it any decent money)
    • I spent much of my time in the tiny neighborhood library. The librarian told me that with degrees in Russian, I could do OK in libraries.
      • I believed her, so:
  • Austin Texas to Library School at the University
    • intended to come back to El Paso and after many years, maybe get on at UTEP
    • graduated with MLIS
  • Went to Princeton University
    • began a new life
  • Went to Rome, Italy
    • began a new life

By the way, I have never liked Powerpoint, point-type format since more often than not it hides more than it reveals. But maybe it is all supposed to add to the “mystery.”

I have read Edward Tufte’s critique of Powerpoint “The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint” several times and I always suggested in my information literacy workshops. I don’t know how many of those students read it, but it is brilliant. His magnificent analysis of the Powerpoints relating to the Columbia space shuttle disaster are available for free.