Searching in the LC catalog

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I have been doing some cataloging in Millennium and I just noticed this.
I had a title “Beiträge zur Archäologie des Attila-Reiches” and when I looked for this in the LC catalog, it returned no results. Whenever this happens, I look in other ways, so I search for the author “Joachim Werner” and “huns” (what the book is about) and I found the record.

So, I copied and pasted the title from the LC record and searched it in the LC catalog. I found it. When I take out the diacritics “Beitrage zur Archaologie des Attila-Reiches” I again do not find it.

Therefore, the following “Search_Arg” do not work:

and the only one that works is:

which I assume is the MARC-8 encoding. I haven’t cataloged German in some time. Has it always worked this way, or is this some kind of error?

[It is not an error. The error is mine. See the next post.]